by Manolis Spanakis


I tigris (The tiger)
music: Hainides

I have a tigress inside me, wild and hungry
she is always waiting for me and I am always watching her
I hate her and she hates me, she wants to kill me
but I hope she will become friendly with the time

she has the teeth in the heart, the nails in my brain
and I fight for my good and for her
and she makes me hate all the goods of the world
to make me sing for her the heaviest sorrow

she pushes me to cross mountains and ravins
to take her to the craziest dance
and when she remembers her cages in the cold nights
she gives me her fur to wear

sometimes with the drink we fall drunk, almost in love
you think she will sleep
and that silence feels like the last moment
before she attacks

I tigris (The tiger)
music: Hainides
song: Psaradonis

O magos (The magician)
Music: Haïnides